It’s Good to be Back

Things have slowed down and I am back on line!  The Small World of Inchies seemed to be such a manageable way to reenter challenges and art in general.  The theme is faces and I found it to be such a wonderfully simple and soothing start….

faces 1faces2All were done with pastel pencils, gelly pens, and graphite pencil.  I loved how the expressions changed with subtle line and color variations.

I’ve been itching to get back to work…just wanting to play in paint, use color, glue stuff, tear, layer…these were a small way in and since I did these yesterday I’ve been working on backgrounds and adding layers, paint, collage papers to randomly started pieces.  Nothing is done but these little faces.  I have sheets and open books littered around drying and waiting for their next layers, but these inchie faces are complete!

In this busy time keeping me from art I did have time to think about the art and the blog.  I am torn.  I noticed I spent a lot of my time and blog space on the challenges.  I enjoy them and find they get me started when I’m not sure where to start.  But I wonder if I relied on them too much.  I was not moving past them and doing the work I’d intended to do when I began this on-line journey.  Admittedly, I must also recognize that with the challenges I received feedback on my work.  That did not happen as much with my non-challenge postings.  At this point, I am looking to find a balance: use the challenges to warm up and motivate me AND work on my self-generated pieces.  Balance, always the goal and forever illusive…..



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3 responses to “It’s Good to be Back

  1. Ellen

    amazing how much expression you’ve managed to get into these tiny faces.

  2. threadsoftears

    Welcome Back!!! These are beautiful portraits as that is how I see them..portraits….maybe all the same person on a different day presented with a different situation and you have managed to capture every one. This struggle with going with the ‘challenge’ vs going with what is in front of you….it sounds like such a fight to me…if one leads you to the other isn’t that okay?

  3. These are great!!! I love those eyes!

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