Missing In Action–

I have been gone for well over the week I had intended.  Life has just gotten the better of me.  It is my busy season and while I had managed to hold on for a while, the start of birthday season in my family just threw me over the line.  I am now coming to terms with my limitations and unfortunately, this is the thing I must put on hold.  The other things can’t wait–it is frustrating to have to put on hold what I find joy in, but there are times when responsibilities must come first.  The more realistic goal is to return by mid-November.  I hope this allows me to breathe a bit.  I will miss it here, and I miss making art.  I know stopping for a brief period makes it easier to stop altogether; I can only work to keep my intention in front of me and endeavor to return.  Thank you all for your kind comments over the past few months.

Oh, And the Bat Mitzvah was a great success! My niece did a fabulous job not only on her torah reading and haf-torah, but on leading the entire congregation in the service.  She was beautiful as ever and I was so proud to wrap her in her tallis and witness the remarkable day!

Have a wonderful fall!


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  1. threadsoftears

    I will miss seeing you here as you and your work have inspired me. I respect your decision and look forward to seeing you soon. Stephanie

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