Three Muses Challenge

This week’s Three Muses’ challenge was “Zetti”…never having heard of this, it was a true challenge for me! Don’t know if I really got the gist of it, but I definitely had fun!


I used some magazine photo cut outs (the goose head, human arm, and watch face) and the rest is all paint markers and gel pens.  I don’t quite know how it ended up with the goose head, but suddenly there it was….So glad this challenge introduced something new.  I’m hoping I can take the time to play with the Zetti idea some more.



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11 responses to “Three Muses Challenge

  1. ellen

    oh what fun , love the goose head on there. you certainly got the zetti feel there. isn’t it fun to do something out of the comfort zone?

  2. Bev

    What a hoot (or should I say this quacks me up?) I’m so glad people are having fun with this challenge, and it’s opening a new area of art for some. That’s what the challenge is all about. Thanks so much for playing along. I love your sense of fun with this one!

  3. taluula

    You certainly did get the hang of it Gail, this is amazing, and so much fun.

  4. Great journal page- wonderful , colorful Zetti!

  5. I was going to say “What a honk!” (Love that goosey). Gail, I think most of us are treading water when it comes to Zetti. I don’t know much about it but we are all having such fun and learning a few new tricks along the way. Your Zetti is whimsical and creative and quite scrumptious. I love it!

  6. Sandy

    Fantastic design.
    Very impressive.

  7. Oh how cute!! What a sweet zettipiece you’ve created!!


  8. What a lovely image! love your creation!

  9. threadsoftears

    Hello.. I love this…always loved the idea of creating a new figure with combinations of different images…this piece of yours is fun and inviting…I’m imagining an entire family of different zetti’s. I continue to be impressed with your willingness to explore and put it all out there.

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