Sketchbook Project Vol 4.

I’ve joined a project through Art House Coop (…they have a series call the Sketchbook Project where they send you a moleskine journal and you fill it.  When it is done you send it back and it becomes a part of their permanent collection that has viewings in different locations.  Each journal comes with a theme.  I just received mine a few weeks ago.  I was a bit disappointed that the journal was not of heavier paper, but I solved that by glueing pages together.

The theme they gave me is “this is where we start.”  I was a bit stumped, but then got an idea and downloaded arial street maps from the internet of the various locations of places where I have started….life, school, work, etc.  I’m glueing them into the book and having that start me out.  Paint, doodles, stamping, etc. then take over the page and the results so far….

tiwws245…interesting. I’m not sure if I’m done here, but I am working on a few spreads at the same time.  I’m finding the elements I add do have associations to that time and place. I’ll be adding updates as I go along.  Any feedback is eagerly welcomed!


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