TGIF Challenge/9.11

TGIF’s challenge is “skulls”:


This is an ATC with multiple layers starting with melted wax crayons and then cut and punched paper shapes.  The skull is a prop my husband uses in his photography and this is one of his discarded photos.  After I glued the skull image I painted a thin glaze of burnt sienna over the card.  I came back in with graphite and black colored pencil and then finished with a final glaze of the burnt sienna.  I’m very pleased with the haunting effects of this floating head.

I appreciate the connection to the start of autumn and upcoming halloween, however, once I completed this image the gravity of it reminded me of today’s date.  I am a New Yorker and was a witness to the horror on that day and the many days later as I worked with individuals directly impacted.  So for me this image has become a powerful reminder of terror and loss and the need to stay connected in safe and expressive ways lest we forget; lest we lose sight of how we want this world to be and how we want to be in this world.



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7 responses to “TGIF Challenge/9.11

  1. Sandy

    Yeah this is spooky.
    Fantastic work. Love them.

    Thanks Gail for your skull to TGiF.

  2. Stunning ATC!
    Looks fantastic.

  3. This is a stunning piece! Thanks for sharing how you created it.

    I thought of many things to comment, about 9/11, but none of them will come out right, so I’ll just leave it at that. (I’m nearby, over the border in CT.)

  4. very spooky
    joan in italy

  5. Wonderful, powerful piece!

  6. This is an amazing piece, so glad you described the process.

    Thank you for reminding us to stay connected and to stand together for what we cherish in this world – freedom and peace.


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