One powerful hour challenge

Today One Powerful Hour’s challenge was “Boy or Girl”–as our host went off to find out whether she was carrying a boy or a girl.  My piece focuses one of the many old ways women tried to tell….we’ve gotten much better with the medical profession, but the old myths: carry in front boy; all over girl, swing a crystal, etc… definitely connected us all to the wondrous mystery of it all!


Can’t wait to hear just which…boy or girl?!



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3 responses to “One powerful hour challenge

  1. How interesting…I had not heard that wives tale. I was told once if it looked like a peanut it was a boy if it looked like a lima bean a girl…well I’ve always thought those pictures look like blobbs…so who knows.

    i love the free thinking and carefree stroked you used to put your piece together…very much like the mystery of boy or girl.

    Thanks for taking part in the challenge.

  2. Amy

    very cool!! I do remember that..or a hanging charm of some sort and which way it swung..I love your little baby bump you cute!!

  3. I love your take on this challenge – very clever!

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