Theme Thursday

Theme Thursday’s challenge today is quotes or sayings.  I immediately knew what saying I would use:

"This too shall pass"

"This too shall pass"

Years ago I hear a sermon from my family’s rabbi on this theme.  I had always thought the saying as a platitude to get through difficult times.  He focused on the fact that even the good times will pass and that is why we must be a present and alive as possible.  I have since heard this perspective from others, but that first time was a very powerful moment for me and it has helped me to keep focused on experiencing life as I live it.  Perhaps most importantly, it is what guided me as my husband and I planned our wedding.  We both have looked back over the years and still feel the great sense of joy and pride in really being at our wedding. The night was a wonderful one and it is such a gift that we were very much there and actively experiencing it.  I hear from so many that they don’t remember their wedding, it was all a blur, or only through their video did they get to enjoy it afterwards.  We have no video, but we have fabulous memories being with family and friends and each other.  So, good and bad–“this too shall pass”.

The background photo was taken by my husband in Central Park, the Alice In Wonderland statue.   The sepia toned bits are also from one of his photos.  The rest are magazine cut outs.  The White Rabbit reminds me of how rushed I so easily get. I often feel time is my enemy; there’s never enough, and shows no mercy in it’s demands.



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8 responses to “Theme Thursday

  1. Bev

    Thank you for sharing what this quote has meant to you. I will hear it with different ears from now on, and try to always be in the moment!

  2. Beautiful digital creation.

  3. Love your piece and the story to go with it!!


  4. These posts are really providing much food for thought as well as beautiful imagery to look at. Yours is one that you just keep staring at, there is so much depth and interest.

  5. This is wonderful! I love your post as well. Thank you for the reminder.

  6. This is a beautiful piece…the colors…textures…and those words…sometimes I forget…

  7. Love this!!I like all the different elements you put into this and your explanations. I think we should all hold our breath a little more and wait for “things to pass”

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