Mixed Media Monday-Together

This week’s challenge for Mixed Media Monday is Together.  It made me think immediately  of a photo I wanted to work with from an outing with my husband, David.

TogetherI printed it on a transparent sticker and then journaled on top, hand stitching the hearts.  We are planning a trip to celebrate our 10th anniversary and this image brings up feelings of being together on an adventure–whether we are traveling far or just going to the Bronx (where this photo was taken).  I could not keep myself from adding the missing figure of Mimsey.  That day she was home and happy, but now I just always note her absence. About our vacation in February…. our short list: Istanbul, Prague, Budapest.  Any and all input is welcome, and thanks for looking.



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10 responses to “Mixed Media Monday-Together

  1. Amy

    gorgeous piece..Congrats on your Anniversary and I hope you have a sweet vacation together!

    cute stitching too!!

  2. This is so sweet,I love the embroidery work you did. Happy anniversay.

  3. That is a sweet together piece and there’s Mimsey looking on along with you

  4. so clever and creative!!! great!!!

  5. Gorgeous piece and such a creative take on the theme!! Love it!!!


  6. This is gorgeous! 🙂

  7. mixedmediamonday

    It’s a beautiful piece – and a lovely tribute to Mimsey as well! Diane

  8. B

    This is so sweet. I love the photo (I love shadows), and the design is both adorable and fun.

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