The end of vacation…

It’s never long enough is it?  I have so much more I need to do.  Last week away was for doing nothing–and I must say mission accomplished!

IMG_5886 IMG_5890 IMG_6137 IMG_6002

I had intended this week at home to get some big art work projects done…never happened, see friends and family…happened!, prepare for a course I teach in 3 weeks…never happened, and get a dress for my niece’s bat mitzvah…never happened.  I guess. looking at my list, I clearly focused on my connections with people (not always easy for me) so I am happy about that.  I must keep in mind the two truths I know:   there is only just so much time to do so many things and what must be done will be done.  Ahh well, it is back to work….another truth, something I love.


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