Feeling the loss….

Funny, my dear friend and I were talking about memories and things popping up unexpectedly in images.  She is actively exploring images and the memories attached to them (see Steph’s Blog on my blog roll), and I am struggling right now to block memories.  I realized the other day all my tangles were to keep me from thinking about Mimsey.  Last night was another tough one and I grabbed an old photo and began to color.  On completion, I pooh-poohed it as being overly simple…it was just to keep me busy and was ultimately a colored in picture.  This morning I looked again in better light:

mixedsceneIt is a photo my husband, David took awhile back in a photography course.  It is the view from our apartment.  I colored in the building and then added the tree, grass, dirt, pond.  I noted this morning that the tree is in winter and the ground looks quite summery.  The empty spot reminded me of the space Mimsey has left in my life and the massive dead tree, the fading Empire State Building that is an ever-present “monument” in our lives …well there it is.  All my friends tell me this does get better, somewhat.  It is so hard finding myself deep in it every so often these days.



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2 responses to “Feeling the loss….

  1. I love this combination of great photo and beautiful overpainting. Simply beautiful.

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