Zen tangles–a new obsession

I have recently stumbled upon “zentangles” (see Trish Bee’s http://trishbee.wordpress.com) and have become completely obsessed with them. In my bumping around on line, though, I’ve seen many describe it as a form of therapy. I certainly see the soothing effects…a visual rocking, if you will. My experience though, is that it is a way to disconnect from feelings. This is a great help when the feelings are tough–today it has been 1 month since Mimsey died and everyday has been hard. But therapy is about getting closer to feelings, not numbing them. I found myself spending time working on tangles only to find a huge welling up of emotion just as I was settling in to sleep. I don’t want to bash tangles….I do LOVE them, just found for me there is a particular experience that I need to be aware of when and why I am doing them. Anyway, enough words and on to the picts!

I started using graph papers and loved the structure they offered….


goofygtangleducktangleThen I did try a few in my journal without the graph paper:

hattangleand this one is not quite finished yet:




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4 responses to “Zen tangles–a new obsession

  1. threadsoftears

    These are wonderful and your writing so honest. I find myself looking at them again and again. I find them inviting as I find quite a bit of your work.

  2. Bev

    They are all wonderful! I’ve been experimenting with adding faces. One is posted here.


  3. I really enjoyed reading this blogpost, keep on creating such interesting stuff!

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