Saturday Challenge: Shapes

Surprise Saturday’s challenge was shapes this week.  I found myself stuck in my head choosing a shape and so to push out of it I traced my hand and this is the resulting piece:

Hand Portrait

Photo is not great as I am on vacation and don’t have my scanner, so must rely on camera and poor lighting in hotel….

I’ve been aware of the feeling that something is “within reach” lately. I don’t know quite what it is, and that’s ok by me.  This challenge has allowed me to consider a shift I’ve made over the past few years.  I used to hate my short, stubby hands and now have come to love what they do for me and even appreciate how they look in spite of some disconcerting changes–age spots, arthritic bumps, and raised veins! Ah vanity!!



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2 responses to “Saturday Challenge: Shapes

  1. Oh my gosh, wow!! Amazing work.
    I like the story of your hands, too. Well done!

    Thank you for participating in Saturday Surprise!

    • allmimsey

      Thanks for visiting! It’s funny, I reread the piece and realized I sound like I’m 80…which is a good age, but I’m just over 1/2 that!! LOL…

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