Visual Journal

I’m terrible at maintaining a journal, but have accepted my random starts and no longer consider it stopping if I don’t do anything for a while.  I also accept the book as a good phone message place, or grocery list, or scratch pad….I am working on integrating the visual and word better.  I tend to either write or draw and I would like to merge them more, at least some of the time, in a way that feels organic.  So, here is one of my recent journal pages.

journal page 8/5/09

It began with doodles of  markers–paint markers, calligraphy brush marker, chalk paint marker–and then I added some words that came up in relation to how the doodle felt related to my life right now.


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  1. steph

    my how we get so good at judging ourselves…good accept the starting and stopping as part of a process…I like this, the way the black swirls bring it together, the words following the lines around… I can not read some of it though even enlarged..what does it say.. on the right side?

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