The “Think Monday, Thing ATC” theme this week was friends.  I chose an old photo taken by my Dad of my sister and I.  She was indeed my first friend! A little colored pencil, some ink, and a couple of brads added a little dash.

friends & sisters atc

I’m the one on the left and my BIG sis is on the right!



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9 responses to “TMTA

  1. I love your entry with your sister and you clapping hands together. That is so sweet. How neat that you are using your own personal pictures!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your encouraging comment.

  2. Sandy

    Really lovely ATC.

  3. That is great! What a wonderful memory of you and your sister!

  4. steph lainoff

    love looks like the paper is this added or printed on a paper with a tooth. interesting to think of your sister as your first friend..I never really thought that way…we are definitely friends now though and I will look for old photos…I know there is one of her choking me!!! I like the way you colored in your bows and that you chose of photo of you two doing something vs the sitting and smiling.

    • allmimsey

      LOL!!! And in all of the pictures of the 2 of us sitting, I am crying! Doing was definitely better. The paper is watercolor paper that you can send through the printer.

  5. Sooo sweet, lovely photo of you and your sister!!


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