…and then another toe!

So here is my entry for the Thursday Theme challenge.  I’m a little late on that one, maybe.  But I was in the mood to make ATCs…

Hanging OnHere again the background is a paper towel from watercolor clean up drawn on with  gelly pens and hand stitched.



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10 responses to “…and then another toe!

  1. very nice as well. I see I’m not the only one that loves using my paper towels from clean ups for backgrounds and stuff. BIG GRIN.

  2. gorgeous! great colors!

  3. Sandy

    Wow this is really colorful.

  4. Love your color combinations and composition!

  5. Love the colours, and stitching accents.

  6. Sid

    Gail, this is another one of those gorgeous high intensity coloured pieces of art……I feel the need to paint !!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. Soot technique is basically using glossy cardstock and candle to create background and a stamp. Here is a link for your to try or just google it.
    Have Fun 😉

  8. threadsoftears

    electric connections with blue, yellow and red 🙂 all moods living in solitude… this is very cool .

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