Dipping my toe in…

King/Queen ATC challenge

King/Queen ATC challenge

Well I’ve been watching several of the art challenges here and there for awhile now and today I will dip my toe into the waters!  I’d love to say I’m diving right in, but realistically I don’t want to commit to something I can’t consistently follow through on.  This is for the Think Monday Think ATC challenge.  This week is King/Queen.  I created this “Boy King” with my own hand-cut stamp, background paper of  watercolor, markers and tissue paper, and lots of metallic gelly pens and spider pens.  I don’t love how the scan came out, but it’s ok. Thanks for stopping by for a look!



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11 responses to “Dipping my toe in…

  1. Stunning ATC.
    Looks fantastic.

  2. Sandy

    Wow this is cool.
    Great ATC.

  3. This is fabulous. I love the background. And I’m wondering about the handmade stamp. It’s fantastic.

    • allmimsey

      Thank you, Faye. The stamp is just a soft white material that is easy to carve (like soft eraser). Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Amy

    that is neat you made your own stamp!Clever

  5. Cool atc, love the colours and texture!


  6. Sid

    Really very unusual……..the effect is great !!

  7. I love the handcut stamp and all of that magic coming down from his hands.

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