Well, didn’t get to post more art before we needed to take that final walk with Mimsey.  She just was not living the life she enjoyed anymore…even all the adaptations we’d made, were no longer enough.  She, of course woke up on her last day in better shape than in several days. It was hard, but a great gift to have a chance to be with the dog we knew so well one last time.  She was a beautiful dog inside and out.  RIP Mimsey, you will walk in my heart forever, but by my side no more.  Mimsey 11/06Mimsey Mimsey HolidayMimsey & DavidLast Day



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4 responses to “Loss

  1. I’m so sorry about Mimsey…She looks like a sweet spirit. We are going to have to make a similar decision in the near future. Our Dalmation is 14 years old and is suffering from heart problems. Have you read the rainbow bridge poem about when you lose a pet? http://rainbowsbridge.com/Poem.htm

  2. allmimsey

    Thank you for your kind words, Mary and for the link to the poem. I know she is there waiting for me. I wish you luck and peace with your Dalmation. They are a wonder to have in our lives and offer so much joy, as painful as it is, I am so grateful I could do this last act of kindness for her.

  3. My heart goes out to you in your loss of Mimsey. We had a similar experience 4 years ago (on the same day that our daughter in law died of cancer). The tough part was that we were grieving for Mitzi but no one could help us because we should have been only grieving for our son’s loss. Time does help a little, but the pain never completely leaves. I think the poem Mary told you about is a big comfort.

    • allmimsey

      Thank you…yes the poem is very touching…I am sorry as well for your loss, what a difficult time that must have been. I feel we have been very lucky in that we have many people around us who do understand. I live in an apartment building with many dog owners and we have been there for each other’s losses over the years. And, here I feel like I am finding a new community that is supportive as well. It is a real blessing.

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