My first posting

I’m starting today and unsure of where I want to go.  I have a life that is chopped up into smaller worlds and the thought of them colliding, is daunting.  I thought I wanted to blog on my profession, but I don’t think so now.  I am an artist by birth…must make things, make marks, colors, shapes, forms of all kinds.  I want to develop this side of me and enter a community of like-minded people.

Mimsey in her usual New Year's Eve garb

Mimsey in her usual New Year's Eve garb

This is Mimsey…I took this photo  New Year’s 2009 just before she turned 14.  Today she is quite frail and we know we are loosing her.  I am perhaps moved to begin this blog now in honor of her.  In many ways she has been a force in helping me be more of the person I want to be.  I have many roads to go still that will not include her by my side, but in my heart.  I imagine there will be others after her, but she is my first.  She taught me how to love, how to accept, and how to forgive.  I do not plan to write very much all the time, but to focus on my artwork and creative development.  Today, as I start here and I begin to let go of my cock-eyed, half-blind, fully deaf mongrel I write in honor of her.  If you choose to join me on my journey I welcome the company.  I welcome any feedback and hope to connect with others on this virtual cloud.  I do not promise to be light and cheery, I view the world in it’s full spectrum of colors and their many tones and shades.


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